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3 June 2014 – Thanx to all 5 Star members!

Well as most of you have heard we the Mussio family, lot #94 had a fire in one of our sheds on Sunday

June 1st at approximately 11am. There was no one hurt or no major damage to the main cabin or surrounding structures around the shed thanks to the quick actions of many that were able to contain and extinguish the fire quickly. My wife and I were golfing with our 3 kids at the time and noticed the black smoke when teeing up on the 7th hole, we raced off thinking someone needed help. Well it was us!! When we arrived many people were there already moving what they could, helping where they could and already had the fire trailer on its way.

When all was said and done the shed was a total loss including all that was in it. It was an open style shed used mainly for storage of the kids toys, extra chairs and a cabinet storing the cooking tools, very replaceable stuff for sure. Still no one can figure out how or why it started with having no fire the night before or that morning it remains a mystery. As a director and board members being there helping out we will be addressing different options and awareness along with possibly short training courses that will make the members aware of the fire trailer or hopefully trailers soon and how to run them if ever needed.

On behalf of my wife Renee, my kids, Ashley, Zachary and Raegan we would all like to thank everyone that stepped up to protect our 5 Star getaway paradise and reality. I did not know all that were there as there was even people from group camping in there helping out. We managed to get it all cleaned up that day and hauled away again thanks to good friends and family only leaving some charred concrete, blackened trees and ground and some memories.

Thank you again from the Mussio’s

Shad Mussio